For 7+ years, I have helped local business websites get to front page of Google.

But there’s no magic in placing websites there.

It has to go a long, tedious process of planning and execution.

And it’s worth mentioning that Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is constantly evolving.

What works at one time may no longer work at another time.

It needs constant evaluation and process refinement.

And that’s exactly why I have chosen to teach SEO at SEOph (an exclusive online classroom I have founded in November of 2013 for Filipino SEOs).

I want to teach so I’ll constantly have the motivation to learn and test what’s new.

You read it right, constantly test because SEO, after all, is about testing what works and what doesn’t.

You may have the most beautiful website on the face of the planet.

But the question is, are you getting the best ROI out of it?

Most, if not all websites, sucks big time.

This is partly because they are not created both for your human audience and the search engines.

But why include search engines? The reason is pretty simple. It’s the search engines which index or take picture of your website.

Search engines are the media that will take your website in front of your prospects.

If you are not ranking on the front page of Google for instance, it is unlikely that you will get steady growth.

After someone hands to you your new website, you probably think it’s now ready to take its flight.

You’re wrong.

It has to be free from hard-to-detect errors.

If these errors are left unattended to, it will cause your website to bleed cash.

And it won’t just be bleeding cash at one instance but day in and day out until errors get fixed.

It won’t be long before you realize you are making a very bad investment.

And so you need to fix these errors before Google see yours as another junk website in a wide sea of sites across the web.

When you give Google this wrong impression about your website, you can almost always expect that you will never land on front page.

You can hardly find a website designer who knows very well the intricacies of search engine optimization.

Like diamonds, they are rare and are hard to find.

When I started 7 years ago, I had no idea what web design and SEO were.

I worked from scratch and climbed my way up.

By some stroke of luck, I became fascinated with both web design and SEO.

And a crazy idea of combining the two was born.

It created rolled eyes at first but I wasn’t wrong in making the two services complement with each other.

Now, I have gotten so much success from it.

While this page should talk more about me, I think it is more fitting that it should talk more of you and me.

As a business owner myself, I would always want to put on board someone who’s one step ahead of me.

Like you, I want to take more clients whilst maintaining the rest of my current clients happy.

I would always want to focus on my zone of genius and trust the rest of what I do with someone who has got my back covered.

This is exactly where I want to come into the picture.

I am here to collaborate and give you the kind of support that will bring you more business.

All these years, I have managed to always get one step ahead of what I do.

So whether it is web design or website maintenance or optimization of your pages or any techie stuffs you want to get covered, always think about Glenn to be of service, hence my email, glennatyourservice@yahoo.com.

Now it is your time to decide who to trust your business with.

For many years, I have helped businesses grow from 1 to 6 or 7 figures.

I have supported them in finding solutions to problems that come to surface.

I provide SEO consultation, strategies and many things in between.

Their costumers, as an upshot, loved them and were kept glued to their business.

That’s where you’re heading and I can see it.

You deserve to feel a sense of relief.

You need someone who can do things for you like a clockwork – even while you’re asleep.

It’s time to get some time back in your day and have someone on your back.

It’s time to have me.

Let’s work together!

Glenn Mark Dizon, SEO

Based in Surigao, Philippines, I am an SEO who has completed over 400 projects under my belt. I teach SEO at SEOPh, a Facebook Group of over 3,000 young and promising Filipinos. Throughout my 7+ years in the industry, I have helped hundreds of amazing people like you who wanted to develop profitable digital homes for their businesses. Consult with me today!

On-page SEO

I have earned the reputation of being one of the best on-page SEOs on the face of the web. I have helped owners of local business websites improve their online presence and increase their ROI by finding and fixing hard to detect errors that make their websites bleed cash day in and day out. I can certainly help you too.

Web Design

I have learned WordPress web design by self-discovery and have so far designed hundreds of websites for local and and international clients. I currently offer a web design package that has with it on-page SEO as an inclusion. With a fairly optimized website, you’ll get a money-making magnet that’ll work for you even you’re sleeping.

SEO Consultancy

My SEO knowledge is a product of evolution and refinement. I have been teaching SEO at my SEOPh Facebook Group that has become an exclusive online classroom to over 3,000 Filipinos. I also provide SEO consulting to local businesses here and abroad. Consult with me and we will together take your SEO efforts to the next level!

The Packages I Am Offering

You are experiencing bottlenecks to your success because you either cannot get your head around figuring out which process to follow, or you simply do not have the luxury of time to do the process yourself. If the tasks you wanted to get done is not listed here, fill out the contact form below so I can get back to you with an estimate of how many hours I believe it will take. I charge $25 an hour for techie tasks.

10-page On Page SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • GEO Meta Tag, Image Alt Tagging and Dublin Core
  • Metadata Writing
  • MANUAL Schema/Structured Data Integration

WordPress Website Design

  • WordPress Website containing 5-6 pages (you provide the images and content)
  • Keyword Research
  • On-page Optimization
  • FREE SEO consultation

Local SEO

  • Keyword Research
  • On-page SEO
  • Citation Building
  • Link Prospecting & Outreach
  • Shoulder niche Link Building

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