To determine the publications that appear in the news feed of users, Facebook uses an algorithm that ensures that only certain content appears.

The display of content is not the same as how things work in the past when we get to see all the publications in chronological order.

Now, the algorithm ensures that the more posts that are getting attention from other users and those which are most likely to interest you are put forward.

Moreover, we should expect more changes as Facebook still change this mathematical formula.

For example, a content that sparks discussion from friends may appear before other less popular publications, even if it is older.

Why Facebook did this and how it affects your news feed

For Facebook, the newsfeed aims to get the right content to the right people at the right time. We want to create the most possible interaction between users and pages with the arrival of hashtags and other “stories.”

Information on Hashtags

Hashtag (#) which is mostly found on Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Tumblr can now be used on Facebook to contextualize a publication or inclusion in a broader discussion.

For those who do not know, the hashtag is like a keyword that is associated with posting of # put something into a context of a publication.

Clicking of a user on a hashtag connects him to a newsfeed or events.

In addition, it is possible to search for a specific hashtag in the search bar, click on a hashtag that was originally released on another platform like Instagram and prepare publications directly in the news feed linked to a hashtag.

As always, the visibility of a publication is defined by its author, but we can now decide to see only the news related to a specific topic.

For example, searching #iamhappy, we can see all public content published with this identifier as soon as you click on it.

Facebook then analyzes the preferences of each user based on his activities on the site and those of his friends, his interests, followed pages and subscriptions to profiles, etc..

Facebook now wants to reduce the number of potentially irrelevant publications on the feedand seeks to display only those that are actually relevant.

To do this, Facebook is basing on user activity in the news feed. In the eyes of Facebook, it considers a like as an appreciation of a user of the content shared and may result to being found more frequently in the thread. On the contrary, if a publication is masked, Facebook understands that this type of post is not interesting and the chance of being shown will be reduced.

Old Posts Bing Put Forward

As Facebook wants to increase the number of interactions between users, a small change is expected regarding the display of certain publications.

The goal is to allow users to not miss the activities that interest them. In other words, if you miss a post that Facebook believes very interesting to you, it will appear above for you to see. If you then decide to hide, Facebook understands that it was not relevant and will adjust accordingly for the future.

Can we say that it is a “smart” version of the news feed? This is definitely what Facebook wants to hear!

By contrast, we do not really control what is displayed in the thread unless manually set display preferences for each page or profile.

For holders of pages, this means that only a portion of the fans can see the publications. The more comments, shares and likes are gained, the greater the chance of being published in the news feed of users.