Year 2013 has been greeted with a bang at our front yard. We have staged a short fireworks display for the passersby. What interests us most was the motorcade. Hundreds of motorcycle owners gathered at the town center to get on with the tradition of roaming around from 12 midnight onwards. It was indeed a great start of the year.

My wife finally got a job at the Local Government Unit during the first quarter. We wanted the Social Welfare Officer position but because of budgetary constraints, she landed as a Social Welfare Assistant. She was the first registered social worker in the municipality but she landed on a position which doesn’t even call for qualifications. It was a bit frustrating but we are very much thankful to Te Isay and Mayor Marilou for helping us all the way through. We will forever be indebted to them.

Chien and I were the luckiest couple during the second quarter. We had the first glimpse of our twin babies, Aprille Xyrah and Aprille Xyrine. It was the time when heavens have smiled upon us. The quarter has been the busiest too but everything paid off when I was elected in the council for the second time around.

twin babies

We snapped in the third quarter of the year. We tried to get into a business venture. We even started with the building construction. It was however unfortunate that we ran out of resources. We have chosen to stop the construction and it led to living a life where both ends meet. We, nevertheless, learned from the obvious lessons. It is really bad to start on something that is without a well-laid plan.

Fourth quarter should have been the time to move on but we were preoccupied with the barangay elections. Preparations and planning must be made. Plan must then be translated into actions. Fortunately, most of the candidates who have gotten the privilege of having our endorsement won. Our hearts, however, cry in the inside because those who failed to get the mandate are our close friends too.

Typhoon Haiyan or Yolanda then swept the areas of northern Mindanao and central Visayas. We have been very busy in planning for the forthcoming contingency. We were not hit badly but one very saddening news came slapping right at our face. A number of fishermen were missing. Most of them are my friends and others were casual acquaintances. It broke my heart really. The rescue operations kicked off but only few were rescued alive. Others were not found and were presumed dead.

The tragic experience has, nevertheless, united our people. Thanks to Mayor Denia, Vice mayor Doming, SB Members, Kol Rene, Kol Loloy, Kol Titing, Sehal Ferdie, Hadjie, Dokie, Loy Max, the heads of the different departments, the religious, public, and private sectors and the entire constituency for supporting the good cause of helping the families of the victims. Without their efforts, it would probably be hard for the families to see light at the end of the tunnel. To all of you, thank you, thank you.

December came but the internet is still down. The online workers in our town were displaced including my brother Ysis. We however got a word of assurance from Sir Todd that work will be given after everything is restored to normal. Life has become harder but we continued to nurture hope inside our hearts. It is also worth mentioning that the nightly staging of presentations at the town plaza added colors to the season. It deepens the sense of gratification for the gift of life God has given.

Until this very moment, we are hoping to move on with life. My prayers go to the families of the Yolanda victims not only in my town but throughout the country. We are a race of heroes and in our bloodlines courage and deep-seated faith freshly flow. Despite all the heartaches, the best is still awaiting to unfold. Let’s get them in 2014 and beyond!