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Vamoosing from childhood was how I have had hastily grown;

Amused by shifts that through wondrous elation were shown;

Love’s shroud was lifted as how layer splits from a seed sown;

Eventually transforming from quandary that jams love’s wand;

Neonate to the world I am of the fixation on the innards of land;

To become gaudy was an inclination to be had in my own hand;

Instilling in me the message of love aptly envisaged as so real;

Nifty and without any dullness the chords of our romance entail;

Ecstasy was reaped because my ordinary life turned into fairy tale.

Valentines Day sprung from a third century martyr and Saint;

Amatory gifts were then crated and to beaus and belles were sent;

Loving has its joys in me and has truly nursed my own hurting;

Enervated me at times yet it deepens in me as my were going;

Never have I changed my way from the very me you’re wanting;

To drift yourself away will make me a man with desperate sighs;

I am less a man without you and living can by no means be wise;

Ne’er-do-well shall I become – my smiles would be filled with lies;

Ennui has never been a common malady whenever I am with you;

So please hang on – let us share our love until forever is throught.

Vivaciousness of the love we share isn’t obscure before their eyes;

Audacious like a knight who in battles have never taken his flight;

Language of it is better felt by deed than in words having no guise;

Even the magic words need not be uttered for embrace is so tight;

Needless to say it as we both have known that love is on the rise;

To love you isn’t only worth fighting but it is even worth dying;

Insinuating that if it is a sin to love you then in hell shall I dwell;

Never to quiver nor shiver nor be maudlin over every peccadillo;

Empathy shall be my virtue because I’m willing to sin until death;

So ask the stars and they’ll tell you I’ve loved you in each breathe;

Don’t go, please don’t for I’ll show you how to make lasting hello;

And if heavens take you, I shall beseech for a self-sacrificing deal;

You shall get back here and let me die in your stead my darling.