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About Me

I am a person who is not easily deterred by failure. I know that we are all fated to have setbacks. These same setbacks are meant to make us gain strength. One day I will grow strong as an iron wood. It may not be realized overnight but I am confident about getting there before my time is over.

My prayers are more about giving thanks than with just asking. I am thankful that I was able to get some of the things that I want. They may not be as luxurious as what most blessed people are getting but I am fully satisfied about what God has bestowed. I am likewise thankful for the people who have touched my life in any way. They made me realize that I am human and by being human I need also to be a blessing for at least a few.

I see each morning as both challenge and hope. Challenge in that I must push myself to become capable of handling the day however grinding it would go. Hope in that I am optimistic that life has so much in store for me. I am excited merely by waiting for them to come. With that hope, I firmly believe that I have the power to change my life for the better.

I put a minute of my time each day as an investment for my future. With just that one minute, I can vouch that part of my life has gotten a dramatic change. You may ask me how in the world I was able to do it. It is just simple. Every time I wake up and before saying my morning prayers, I fill my mind with optimistic thoughts. I dont mind going forward with a positive attitude however bad my day would go.  With that one minute of tuning up, I am able to focus closely at my goals, hence I have made that minute count on changing my future.

I listen to the internal voice which keep on pushing me to move on rather than with cynics on the outside who are only there to dissuade me. Do you know that I have failed so many times? When I took the accountancy and bar exam, I suffered two disgruntling failures but here I am, I continue to wear same proud smile. During those times I was being reminded by my inner voice about the successes that I have bagged and that I have more which are yet to come.

I am one of the few privileged people who fortunately uncovered the greatest law of life which is belief – a thought in the subconscious mind. I am talking about the power of subconscious mind to move heavens and earth just to make things happen in my favor. I know others would turn skeptic but I tell you I am making use of my subconscious mind to bring all the luck, love, good health and fortune that life has in store for me. I know the secrets and I wont be keeping it selfishly from you. So if you want to know it, we can have a talk over a cup of coffee even at my own expense. 🙂

My greatest dream in life is to send a number of poor but deserving students to college. This was my dream since high school and I will be fulfilling it before death takes its hands on me. I am planning to build an educational foundation but I was told it takes 1 million pesos to establish a foundation in the country. I was shocked when I learned about it. As per information relayed to me by the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), anyone intending to establish a foundation should present a certificate of deposit of that amount from a local bank. Oh, I dont even have 5 percent of that amount so I just thought, I will just send one student after another until I will have sent as many as I can.

The condition for the educational scheme? It is simple. The person who has gotten the privilege to finish college through my efforts shall do something. He shall endeavor to  send at least one person to college and pass the same condition. It has to go on and on, without breaking the chain. He can send anyone from his family as long as the condition will have to be passed on. He shall not have paid me on my efforts if he has not yet fulfilled the attached condition. He will still be indebted (figuratively) to me and until he helped someone graduate from college, he shall remain burdened by the weight of the condition. Weird right? It really is weird but I just want things to work that way.

I am also a self taught web developer and SEO. The early months of my marriage was greeted with financial privations. Thanks to my cousin Vladimir, I was able to learn the nitty gritty of WordPress website development. I am also indebted to V7n forum and to the website’s administrators for the insights they shared about WordPress and later on Search Engine Optimization (SEO). I admit that this SEO thing has really fascinated me. The thought of making key phrases rank on the search engines’ organic rankings really tickled my mind. I became addicted to it and my thirst for more information from ebooks and forums really soared sky-high. Fortunately enough, it landed me to an online, home-based job.

Until now, I am stuck with web development and SEO. This is the reason why I should stop writing now. I have just realized, I still have some offline SEO campaigns to do. I will be sharing more about me soon….