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Paula Salvosa, the ordinary girl who turned superstar after an incident of her berating a lady guard at a train station, has tweeted  yesterday of her Christmas wish. Well known as Amalayer, this girl has drawn so much attention in the country. This Amalayer tag sprung from her pronunciation of the phrase, “I am a liar.” TV, print media and online portals have talked so much about her. There are even posers on Facebook which gained thousand of likers every single day just for trying to create a joke on what happened. Whether these people only make fun of what went off or just want to spread the hate, it is clear how it added injury to the poor girl, Paula.


In the tweet, Paula expressed her wish for her life to get back to normal. She wants to experience once more how it feels to go out alone without entertaining fear in her heart. Her followers made encouraging replies and even sent verses from the bible for the girl to ponder upon. They have made assurances that God will restore her and that He has his purpose for letting this happen. While Paula never made further tweets after her two stirring tweets yesterday but I know these replies, along with some other tweets, will lift her soul.


In an interview at TV5, Salvosa admitted of her having freaked out during the incident but expressed remorse. That exactly is what people really want to see from her. In that TV interview at “Reaksyon”, she even expressed to have a joint interview with the guard and even articulated her willingness to take lie-detector test to find out whose statement is truthful. While this test will undoubtedly come out as another awaited scene on national television, I am of the opinion that this will only add damage to the injury already sustained by both parties.


To close, I would like to ask Paula to believe in second chances. At some point in our lives, we get slapped so hard (literally or figuratively) that even the thought of the slapping will shake our heads in frustration. We are sometimes thrown into the canvas of life and will almost sink deeper and deeper as hours fold. But we should get up and dust ourselves off so that we can begin the journey towards uncovering the promises that the tomorrows of our lives bring. Paula should not just wish, she should rather take action. By taking action means, showing not just remorse but also asking forgiveness. This way, she will be forgiving herself too.