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On our best Valentines Day Treat For Children Part 1, I have focused on games that are best for pre-school aged children. For this writing journal I will concentrate on games for elementary-aged ones. These games are best if you are planning to set a Valentines party for the children. We all know that children want to have fun so you better try the games that I will be introducing in the following paragraphs.

Your first game would be the “heart-hitting balloon” game. Place a big heart on the wall and have this as the target in the same way as a dartboard. Have each child blow their balloons, tell them not to tie the balloons and instruct them to let go of their balloons in direction of the heart on the wall. Those who can hit the heart will have a double prize and those who gets their balloon closest to the heart will win one prize.

You can also introduce them the “matching game”. Make them try to match famous words or names with their other famous pairs like when you mention “Romeo” they will make “Juliet” as their answer. Have the group divided into two provide them with buzzer, bell or anything that can be used to indicate that they are ready to give their answer. You would probably start with “coffee” for the match “cream; “eggs” for the match “bacon”; George W. Bush for Laura Bush; “night” for “day” etc.

If you know sack race, we can as well introduce it with slight Valentine ’s Day twist. Make heart-shaped Styrofoam cutouts and make sure they will make the sack half full. Divide the children into two groups having same number of participants. When you signal a go for them they will have their bodies slid into the sack and they will hop to the direction of the post where they can make a slight turn back into the starting point where they will help the next child get into the sack for his or her turn to hop. Tell them to make sure that their heart cutouts stay on the sack or else they will be picking them up on their way back to the starting line. The first group to finish the race wins.

Another game which can be a best Valentines day treat for children is “heart treasure hunting”. Heart-cutouts must be placed in different parts of the house. Clues must be placed on the paper cutouts indicating where the next heart may be found and how many hearts are left. The first one who can complete the hunt will be declared the winner.