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If we recall our childhood memories of Valentines day, we would perhaps consider it as not as exciting as Christmas, Thanksgiving or other holidays. The reason for this may be rooted to the common notion that this day is intended for lovers only. Probably no one has ever thought that it is for everyone, even for growing children. For children, they are most contented to play. They enjoy almost every minute of it. This Valentines, it is perfect if we can set games for them that they will never ever forget. In the following paragraphs of this writing journal I will be introducing to you the best Valentines Day treat for children and they will all be games, games, and games.

For our part 1, let us start with preschool-age children. We make a twist on the game “pinning the tale on the donkey” because many children really love it. To suit with Valentines, we make it pinning a heart on Cupid. What we need is to cut a big image of Cupid and have it placed on the wall. We will then provide each child a paper cutout of a red heart which is big enough to help him or her write his or her name on it. After writing their names, place an adhesive at the back portion of the paper cutout. Next is we blindfold each of them and spin them before telling them to stick their heart on where they think Cupid is. They will be very excited to find out where their heart has reached.

Next in line will be “who-is-tough game”. I am really certain that they would love this one Valentines day treat for children that you prepared. Make them form a circle while in a sitting position and tell them that they will be throwing smiles at one another. When they hear the go signal, only one of them will first make a wild and wide smile that can make the rest of the group laugh. The rest must not smile and must play tough like they have not seen the wild smile just made. Those who smile or laugh will be sent out from the game. After the child makes his or her smile, that smile must be wiped out from the face and will be thrown to anyone within the circle following same procedure. The game will continue until the last tough one is left. At the end of the game, you must make sure each of them gets their prize.

You may also want to let the children play the “I’m thinking game”. You will visualize things which have bearing on Valentines Day such as valentine card, red color, arrow, cupid, heart, love, etc. You will tell them to make a guess as to what you are thinking. This will help the children develop their creative thinking. Now, when you say “I’m thinking”, the children will say, “what are you thinking?” and you go give them small clues. Whoever figures it out must have a prize for sure.

The last and perhaps the best Valentines Day treat for children that you can introduce to them would be the “valentine fishing game”. You need to provide for them a fishing pole made from stick, bamboo or simply a toy fishing pole. You will be cutting out a number of heart-shaped cardboard or cardstock with a small magnet fastened on each of the cutout. What you will additionally provide is a plastic tub where you can have all the hearts float and call it the “fishing lake” and from which they can try launching their fishing poles on. Like other games, make sure everyone gets at least one catch for them to at least get a prize.