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It is indeed a privilege to have with us in our midst this afternoon the representatives from the region and a representative of our Provincial Governor for this Kapit-bisig LAban sa kaHIrapan – Comprehensive and Integrated Delivery of Social Services or the KALAHI – CIDSS Makamasang Tugon Project Launching.

Once again, our beloved town has proven its dynamism and vibrancy as one of the country’s top implementer of the KALAHI CIDSS KKB project as clearly enunciated by Municipal Planning and Development Coordinator (MPDC) Reneyrio Canta, Sr. in his presentation. Without a doubt, the previous commitment of our people who actively took part in bringing about a solid and important contribution to the participatory, transparency and accountability thrusts of the project marks a good start for this administration to rely on and move forward on this Makamasang Tugon project.

Our very active MPDC, Mr. Reynerio Canta, Sr. (photo taken during the community training proper)

We have reached considerable milestones as a municipality. We have proven to the region and to the nation as a whole that the spirit of Bayanihan is indeed working here. Having successfully undertaken our role on the previously concluded KALAHI CIDSS project, we have once again championed the real act of “Socorro Bayanihong Kalihokan Alang sa Malahutayong Kalamboan”.

Our first Lady Mayor, Hon. Elizabeth R. Galanida and Mrs. Lorna Bacus, Resource Speaker from DSWD - Caraga Region.(photo taken during the community training proper)

As we make a new era of governance in this administration led by our first two lady leaders in the persons of Mayor Elizabeth Rivas Galanida and Vice Mayor Denia Taruc Florano, we are very optimistic that our people will see new advocates for sustainable development. This launching will offer us a new found relevance as agents for change and as effective engines in ensuring that the Bayanihan system will continue burning in the hearts and minds of the Socorronhon people.

Socorro's MACT with the Resource Speaker (from left) Reynerio Canta, Jr., Juary Mondragon, Chien cen Dizon, Lorna Bacus, Aga Ver Galanida, and Karim Jayson Sangco. (photo taken during the community training proper)

As an ending note, let me remind you of a phrase on a letter of George Washington dated may 1776 when he said, “to form a new government requires infinite care and unbounded attention; for if the foundation is badly laid, the superstructure must be bad.” Having launched this project during our first 100 days in service and with the Bayanihong Kalihokan as its core component, I am confident that the superstructure that will soon float to the surface will surely be laid on a solid foundation. To this end, I would like to say thank you for your presence in this fruitful launching.