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I have written this poem upon request of a commenter on my post whose life, sadly, is in a complicated situation at the moment. Her name is Dawny so I just thought the title would be perfect for her. I hope you guys will come to like this and again I would love to hear your comments.

I have seen how misery slaps right on people’s face;
But have seen how they get up to hasten up their pace;
Some nevertheless love to continue dwelling in loneliness;
Rather than get up and dust off the dirt on their bodies.

I however see some light streaking from the blue skies;
Gleaming down on my window to let me know I must rise;
Light which will bring all the warmth that I now most need;
Than wait for someone’s touch waking me to get up from bed.

I appreciate how the sun breaks a smile for all of us;
It beckons hope for mankind and gives nature some lush;
And this is so with life – it stores happiness for all;
Let us just believe that it is dawning each time we fall.

Everyone dreamed about happiness to dawn on their life’s tour;
Forgetting that it can be chosen rather than to be waited for;
They should know that self acceptance lies at its very core;
Before the world starts to crowd us out and for us to go unsure.

Happiness dawns upon us just as each day come to pass us by;
We should then put it together than wait for it to come by;
We can control virtually every aspect of its existence;
We only need to constructively perceive as each thing happens.

While I now see myself groping in the dark breadth of the night;
I know I can get though this grey existence with just one fight;
I should rather not profess hate and must stand with finesse;
I must not be dissuaded for I now see the dawn of happiness.