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December Na!”,  are the exact words I have heard from an unknown voice on the street. I realized there are many who, like me, stayed on prowl for December. I purposely tried to stay awake. There is so much excitement in the air. Here in the Philippines, most of our “kababayans” make the rather formal countdown to Christmas as December gets on its way. While morning and evening news made their versions of Christmas countdowns two months earlier, more and more Filipinos are still waiting for December 1 (today). As clock ticks its way to 12:00, I made sure I had to update my twitter status and make a shoutout on FB. To my surprise I wasn’t the only one who showed December the way to the door that gives it all the warmest welcomes.

I noticed how #DecemberNa gets into the trending terms. This only shows that people really wait for this month and I was even a little late to notice the hash tags. Minutes after I tweeted,  my cousin Klaire Ciara (KC) even tweeted  about her excitement about the forthcoming Christmas break. I understand why KC and the many who have spoken about Christmas are excited. It was fairly because during Christmastime, all Christmas roads will lead home. Yes, it is the time when most people come together. They may not have agreed on many things in the other days of the year but during Christmas, they all get the privilege of sharing the closeness together. After all, Christmas is a portrait of that kind of togetherness that is often neglected because of our fancy priorities.

DecemberNa Rethinking And Reawakening

It is often observed that there are so many icons and symbols that are made to represent the season. Putting them together can even fill up a seven-footer, well decorated Christmas tree on the living room. But is this celebration just another child’s holiday? The answer is no. There is much more than a simple birthday – a much deeper meaning. This is for us, people, to view Christmas as the gift for eternal life. It gives mankind a way to release people from the chains of sins and evil. It seeks to send us a number of messages. God wants us to sacrifice a part of ourselves, to sow it in other people’s lives, to nurture it and to let it grow. He wants us to forgo something for the greater good and put aside selfish motives.

Viewed in the above light, we can fairly see that we neglect God all the time. Those icons and symbols often get more popular than Jesus Christ. Children can tell us stories about the life Santa Claus, his reindeers, and other things connected to him. But when they are going to be asked about the story and purpose about Jesus’ birth, he probably would just shy any question away. This becomes a living testament of how we unknowingly failed to let December’s focus be on Jesus instead to the commercialized Santa. Children see Santa promoting toys on TV and they mistook him to live inside shopping malls. As a result they are always crying their way to the confines of the mall just to have that thing which Santa is trying to promote.

People often fail to see the kind of humility God has taken on. We fail to see how God came down to our level. As a result, Christmas begins to lose its meaning year after year. It becomes our duty therefore to focus on the true meaning of Christmas. It is but time to view it at a different perspective and that is, see December as a season of hope, a season of love, and a season to look deeply into ourselves. Yes, we all need to reach down deeply into ourselves to look for Christmas spirit which will lead us to comfort, inspiration, and assurance that God will touch our lives. So if #DecemberNa has profoundly made us excited, I hope we can also find the same excitement in waiting for God to move lives and events in our lives so we can see how deep His love is.