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SAM, an on-board laboratory, on the wheeled Rover which NASA sent to Mars has recently analyzed the soil sample on Red Planet. It shows something which, for the mission’s principal investigator, John Grotzinger, is worth inscribing on history books. There was so much buzz about it when Grotzinger told NPR how the discovery looks really good. As with many scientists, he is sealing his lips pending additional test to really find out if the discovery is worth changing some pages in our history.


Grotzinger and his team will be ready to talk in the next couple of weeks. There were many suppositions that NASA has just sounded its trumpet because it needs additional budget. But for the many who believes that the mission will get to uncover something big, every second is worth the wait. For now, the organization is trying to avoid requests from the press for interview. As with many scientists, they want to make sure that the results they share are true and verifiable.


Some are getting too inquisitive to find if the methane gas really come from the Red Planet. If this be true, living organism must have existed there. For the moment, they are trying to make sure that what SAM chemistry lab has analyzed is in fact from Mars and not the air that the six-wheeled rover brought from the launchpad  at Cape Canaveral, Florida. While they really want to share something, all that they are assuring is that SAM will reveal something after next series of tests are undertaken inside that miniature laboratory.


They have made an assurance that the public will get verifiable information several weeks from now. We do not know when this period is going happen but whenever it is really true, the sign of existence of living things on that planet is going to be something big for us, Earthians. And while the rest of the world is waiting for what SAM is going to expose at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, Calif, we can discuss below what will happen next should aliens really exist on the Red planet.