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Facebook has really made people connect with ease. There I came to know a really sweet girl in the person of Chrystelyn Hortilano. In those months when we exchange messages and check on our status, I come to see some spark in her gestures and before she said it, I have seen how she grew in love with a colleague in the island of Boracay, Philippines. When I connected my post to Facebook, she learned that I have made the poem Dawn of Happiness for Dawny and in her message narrating how things went through (not in detail of course.. 🙂 ) and how she started to feel like a princess at the moment, she came to ask me to draft a poem for her and here it goes:

You were once the person I never dreamt of loving;
Your past, to me, seem to be much of a hollow cavern;
But you are willing to fill it up by trying to learn;
So in you this unconditional love I’ll be investing.

I have known you as a playful man in the turf affection;
You get on with the rush of excitement without reflection;
But you got me as I got you, and in love we both pledged;
To change and be changed and grow in love’s shifty ledge;

You’ve told me how earnest your desire is to see a different you;
And I said “You can get past your past, that I can assure you.”
Yes, you only need to believe and view life at a perspective;
Where you learn to love someone in way that is not deceptive;

You exited somewhere in your past and there you found me;
It was a thrill at the outset but hesitation started to flow;
I’ve seen myself as a girl who initially get to shilly-shally;
But same vacillation stopped when you showed me the real you.

And yes I’ve known you now and have come to hold you dear;
Your smile seems to haunt me like it follows me everywhere;
I see how the ground breaks to let your love get to surface;
And now it is growing and God knows how I feel like a princess.