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If you have come to visit my other blog site, you probably have come to read this poem already. I assume that all the veins inside your system are now overflowing with ticking excitement and since this day is worth celebrating, I presume this is going to be a good read for couples and even for the singles.

    Now here comes this joyous life of mine;
    You made me strong, such strength made me shine;
    Came before me and made me so fine;
    Adjusted my grotesque life in line.

You descended from the zenith of the skies;
And emblazoned my life with colorful ties;
With you i can make the rainbow take its flight;
I could lengthen it and could control its height.

    Your hands were as fluffy as the clouds above;
    Thy fragrance reaches into my very soul;
    You were as beauteous as that highflying dove;
    Thy charm built me up into a grandiose whole.

I could see you in my utmost thoughts;
I’ve won you in the battles I’ve fought;
This kind of love I’ve actually sought;
Never became superfluous and moot.

    There you rise at the end of my every sight;
    Your smiles linger my soul and conquer my might;
    You amazingly made all my dull days bright;
    Have it adorned with glittering love’s lights.

As love glitters, heartbeats come quicker;
Shaking me up, hither and thither;
As love glitters, feeling goes better;
So lively, whenever, whatever!