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Global warming is definitely a buzz. The news about it is resounding enough to be shoved aside. Whether you heard it on the television, internet or overheard the same on radio, you will know that effects of it are dreaded. While it is still being debated upon by some scholars, we must be concerned about it because if the predictions of those who believe in it are right, we will never be safe enough to live in the future. There is thus a need to extend a hand in the efforts to mitigate its effects and even if you say you don’t have the resources to do so, you should know that we can help fight global warming the cheaper way.

Laws are being enacted in almost every country in the world as an attempt to combat global warming. In the Philippines, for example, lawmakers passed Republic Act 9729 otherwise known as Climate Change Act of 2009 aiming to enhance the climate change adaptive capacity of the country. Indeed, the effects of global warming certainly scare the people but sadly only few want to do their part of the mitigation efforts. Many individuals fail to realize that it is relatively easy and affordable to get on and participate in the fight against global warming.

Some people jump into thinking that they cannot help because they are short of the resources that will enable them to buy energy efficient appliances, vehicles and equipments. they are definitely wrong because the fight is not only confined on that aspect. They must know that there are effective way where they can help fight global warming the cheaper way. In the succeeding paragraphs of this article which I call as my green journal, I will tour you to of the affordable and ever cost-free global warming mitigation measures.

The fight of global warming should start from our homes and we must endeavor to allow it to be replicated in the immediate community where we currently live. The first thing that you need to evaluate is your electricity consumption. You should look whether your appliances are being put off after use and whether it becomes your habit to switch off the lights whenever you leave the house. If you still don’t do this then it is but time that you should start from this act of changing the way you act at home. You should know that these little acts are not only going to help you save some bucks for future use but you are also helping the rest of the world in the fight to combat global warming.

Another way is to look close on purchasing light bulbs which are energy efficient. This is hardly ever recognized because we don’t see how a traditional bulb differs with an energy efficient one. In a study, people who are switching to the use of energy efficient bulbs save a few bucks every year because these type of bulb last longer than one year on the average. What is good about this way is that you can save money and a lot more energy at home.

For the traveling public, it is best also to take a look at the forms of transportation that you are using. While it is true that you don’t have ample financial resources to meet the need for energy efficient cars, you can still look at other energy efficient methods of transportation. Before driving, you need to assess if is really important to use your car for the trip or you can just ride on public utility vehicles, or go for a carpool. Even for a couple of days that you don’t use your car in a week, you are not only saving the allotted budget for you fuel consumption but you are able, in a way, to help fight global warming the cheaper way. With the foregoing acts and however small they may seem, you can proudly proclaim that you are responsible enough to help combat global warming.