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My woman was asked to become the master of ceremony for the afternoon session of the Women’s Month Celebration‘s culmination program. She really turned down the request at the outset but she had no choice but to accept it, after all she probably was the last person available. It is worth mentioning that it was her first time. She had no time to prepare for the script or anything that she really need to say on the program. She once asked me to help her out but I really tried to keep passive and it’s like I am not hearing a single word from her. I really did that for a purpose and that is, I want her to say anything or write anything that she wanted to say without getting help from me or from anybody. I really wanted her to speak her heart out and draw what can be drawn.

I never had even the slightest doubt in her capacity. I know she could virtually do anything if she just have to believe in herself. She is just too hesitant sometimes to test herself as to what she is capable of doing. The day folded without having seen her prepare anything. I never knew she would wake up early in the morning and write something on her laptop. She thought I never cared at all so she clandestinely made a draft probably to get even because I will of course worry if she doesn’t have one. I, in fact, did worry. It was a day before the program when Aga Ver, her BFF, paid a visit in the house and I heard her trying to muster the lines she made and anything. Oh, it was a relief! But even so, I really played like it’s not a big deal for me. That night, she seem tensed and I was left with no choice but to comfort her. I told her I am very confident that she could do it and that it was normal to feel a numbing sensation. Good, I was able to calm her down.

And now comes the most awaited day. She woke up so early and prepared everything. We really need to catch up with the parade which is scheduled at 7 so it is like she really need to get into a morning rush. I was still at the bed and managed to get up only around 7. After I took my shower, we already heard the resounding beats of the drums from afar. Before we could fix ourselves, the parade has already started so we need to catch up to the line. The program during the morning was really a colorful one. I couldn’t stop myself from falling into amazement in seeing the swelling crowd of women on the gymnasium. It was fun and words would really go scarce if you would ask me to define how the celebration went through.

Women's Month Celebration

She had to go home earlier because she still need to fix herself. I beckoned her to go home because the Part 2 will start at 1:30. After lunch and when she was brushing her teeth, she called my attention about how her left hand trembled a little. I smiled and told her to stay calm for anyway I am not going to get near and will just be listening from afar. I just told her to put her elbow at a considerable distance from her body. It stopped the unusual trembling. Iy was my secret during my public speaking classes and in all the speaking engagements where I am being asked to deliver a message before a crowd. I told her to go ahead because an emcee needs to be at the venue first. Unfortunately, I was able to nap for an hour or so. Obviously the program has already started and I missed the chance of hearing her first set of utterances. I was able to hear her only in the middle part and as expected, she had her star. She was awesome and I can’t help but appreciate her confidence and wit. I wish I could have shouted, “She’s my wife!” and praise her right then and there.

My woman was simply the best. I hugged her when I got home. She got overwhelming remarks from her friends but she never believed them because she still need to ask me. The reason was probably because I am the most honest person who can tell her up front if I liked or disliked something she has done. I told her she did great and I am so proud of her. That’s my woman. She has now fallen into a deep slumber after a long, stressful yet wonderful day. Her face seemed to beam the smiles of heavens. She had the day of her life and thank you Lord for the gift of wisdom you have bestowed upon us.