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    1. Just never expect nor look forward that

    2. I will keep on loving and caring for you

    3. for I don’t see right anymore to keep adoring you

    4. until the end of time. I must now let you know

    5. that I shall be parking away my promises and

    6. that I am truly overjoyed whenever I could see

    7. yourself pulling away. Indeed, I have seen it

    8. that I somehow made you happy in most of the

    9. days we’ve been together even they are merely in

    10. simple ways I know. My happiness knew no bounds

    11. whenever you’d draw a line dividing us. I am sad

    12. when I’m with you. We’ve been together for more than

    13. the days I’ve wished to stay. Oh! It is more than

    14. a year now and we both, then, have discovered

    15. that our compatibility fell apart. I am not happy

    16. how we have grown in love. Sweetheart, in my heart

    17. there seemed to be a new love growing tenderly.

    18. I’m holding the keepsakes which really mean much

    19. because of this new love. One thing is without value

    20. to me – the memory of you. I want to thank you

    21. for everything you have done. I also thank her

    22. for unselfishly sharing me the love that I long for,

    23. – one which you have never granted. Yes, I like you

    24. for taking care of me in time I’m in my worst

    25. but never have they hold themselves to suffice

    26. and for giving me the comfort of you warm

    27. love which nevertheless became devotion too hot to

    28. embrace. Before your becoming a part of my life

    29. was truly a joyous one but then when you came, it

    30. was an atmosphere beclouded with despondency and

    31. a world without any hope whatsoever. Indeed,

    32. it was filled with uncertainty. Heavens must have

    33. damned your presence for you had never ever

    34. been very kind, for you came to change everything

    35. to a worst nightmare ever imagined. I hate it most

    36. when you descended like an angel having the most

    37. gruesome appearance which thus lead me pray for

    38. ostentatious blessing from up above. Darling, I can never

    39. be happy knowing that you were there, hope you’ll

    40. find another person as loving and from whose pain

    41. I can laugh anew. With my new beloved, the love

    42. caused is sweeter because of chaste devotion. It is

    43. with yours where I have never rejoiced so far. It is

    44. my prayer that we would continue sharing our love

    45. never. My heart have found new home with her. And

    46. despite the heartaches which may be brought by the

    47. separation I initiated, you need to recover through the

    48. changing fortunes of times. The fire that burnt both

    49. our hearts has become colder and the fire that turned

    50. our hearts into flaming love has frozen the two of us

    51. into nothingness. My new one and I have now curved

    52. closer to each other but neither had it became cold

    53. unlike ours. Neither time made negative upshot

    54. nor had there been any change for we are under the

    55. strong bond of love nowadays. Here, has truly marked

    56. the spell of magical conjuration of love. Before this

    57. letter parks its way, this relationship shall die as this

    58. missive will find its way to an end, I would like to

    59. do this in order to have peace as I’ll never again try to

    60. let you know that it’s you that I shall love until forever.



To get the real message: Connect only the lines with even numbers (start from 2, 4, 6, then onwards with the even numbered ones.) I hope you get the true message.