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As people possibly may have learned, global warming is an issue which is typically talked about and debated upon all across the globe.  No matter where you start looking, you are going to continually find environmentalists who would like you and other people to participate in the combat against global warming.  Upon the other hand, you will also meet a number of individuals who persuade you to disregard the assertions concerning global warming, seeing that, if it actually does exist, it is not really a significant issue at all. In this version of my green journal, you will see the versions of both sides.

You most likely are curious about who might be involved in this global warming debate. As observed, you can find that the debate is being participated upon by a number of people.  Despite the fact that nearly all scientists and meteorologists acknowledged that global warming is simply a reason to be concerned, you cannot assume that all do.  In addition to some well recognized meteorologists and scientists, there are a number people in politics as well as several celebrities who either believe or express their opposition to global warming.

For those who are into the fight against global warming, they think that those people who go against them have concealed motives.  Needless to say, some do.  As a matter of fact, in Al Gore’s global warming documentary entitled “An Inconvenient Truth“, he brought to the fore and exhibited documentation of the measures undertaken by several politicians and people with stocks in energy companies who are trying to hide the scientific forecasts on global warming. In a number of circumstances, these people purposefully ignored scientific research and covered the facts behind global warming in order that it won’t appear to be a crucial issue at the moment.

When it comes to global warming debate alone, you can see that there presently exist quite a few different versions.  For instance, many of those who are at odds with global warming understate its seriousness and claims that the changes that people happen to be witnessing are certainly not surprising.  Quite a few have thought that the icecaps on north and south poles are normally dissolving; that a small surge in the earth’s temperature isn’t that out-of-the-ordinary; and sea levels happen to have been climbing a bit for a long time now.

In line with people who recognize the changes we’ve been seeing would most likely occur anyways, there are actually individuals who really wanted to follow through and take action.  They think that there is a need to greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and this may be done by trying to lessen carbon dioxide in the air.  A great number of political figures along with other environmentalists feel the need that people and business establishments must use less energy and change to environmental friendly source of electricity such as wind or solar powered electrical power.  The people who oppose global warming believe that this will likely have a harmful effect on businesses and that it is hard to finance these changes.  Furthermore, they claim that the injury that will be caused to the overall economy could well be significantly worse than what global warming is likely to cause.

Also, there are people who oppose to the idea of fighting global warming simply because they consider it as a hoax.  These types of  people who generally feel that you’ll find nothing completely wrong with  earth and the environment believe that global warming is a scam and assert that it is merely designed to raise financial resources for environmental communities and organizations.  Indeed, such groups do seek out donations; nevertheless they don’t really require people to contribute.  On that point there happen to be a variety of ways that you can do to struggle with global warming without the need of donations; hence, this opposition is typically thought of as naive and difficult to rely on.

While people of any race are entitled to their unique views and beliefs, this global warming debate must come to an end. This debate has numerous consequences and the foremost consequence of all is misunderstanding. People tend to get confused since they are clueless as to whose idea they are going to have faith with.