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My 3-Step SEO Process

I help owners of local business websites rank on front page of Google for words that can be monetized using my unique & super effective SEO process.


I help you find the hard-to-detect errors that are causing your ranking to get stuck somewhere.


I make sure your page becomes the best page on face of the web for your main target keyword.


You’ll get a consistent flow of FREE traffic, leads and sales from your site without spending on ads.

About Glenn Mark Dizon


Glenn Mark Dizon is the Founder of Search Engine Optimization Philippines, a Facebook group of over 8,000 young and promising Filipino SEOs from different parts of the country. In this group, he has provided SEO education to fellow Filipinos “Free of Charge”. He gives short SEO courses and has contributed the video series “SEO for Small Businesses” to The Freelance Movement’s Fundraising Masterclass.

Glenn has also been a preferred outsourcing partner for local SEO and Facebook Ads Management services. Some of the best web development and SEO agencies from different parts of the globe white label Glenn’s SEO services, especially his Facebook ads management and on-page SEO services. SEO professionals from foreign countries come to him not only to seek for SEO consultation but also to look for SEOs for hire from the Philippines.

A “go-giver” by heart, Glenn Mark Dizon is a Filipino SEO specialist who unselfishly shares his skills to aspiring SEOs in his country. At SEOPh which he founded in November 2013, he encourages his members to continuously keep abreast with the changes in the SEO industry and he teaches them link building, blogging, and inbound marketing strategies to help them get better at their chosen online career.

Glenn Mark also speaks at events and at Rural Impact Sourcing (RIS) Workshops and Seminars pushed by Department of Information and Communications Technology of the Philippines to help Filipinos skill up and to promote online work and freelancing career in the countryside. He teaches IT enthusiasts and other freelancing professionals where and how to find jobs online. In the same vein, he also teaches Micro, Small, Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) the ethical ways to improve their online marketing and to get better at their respective digital marketing initiatives.

Skills & Experience

It’s hard, if not, impossible to find someone who both knows WordPress web design and the intricacies of SEO. I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you get beautiful digital homes for their businesses and make their websites become machines that generate $$$ while they sleep. Let’s talk.


Top 2 Skills

On-page SEO is my forte. I have this proprietary, supper effective and proven process to help find and fix errors on the back-end that prevents Google from understanding the overall theme of any website.

WordPress web design is another skill I have come to develop over the last 10-years. I understand that it’s hard to find a web designer who also knows the intricacies of SEO and so that was partly one of the reasons why I offer this service.

  • On Page SEO 98% 98%
  • WordPress Web Design 93% 93%
  • SEO Consulting 97% 97%


I live and breathe SEO.

After founding Search Engine Optimization Philippines in 2013, I have decided to devote my time and attention mastering the craft so I can help business owners and fellow SEO professionals gain ground.

I have founded On Page SEO Services in 2015 to help entrepreneurs with their Google ranking problems. In 2019, I have added a WordPress web design service and have built hundreds of websites with the help of a fulfillment team.

In 2017, I have established Home Based Virtual Assistant and have helped thousands of people by training them on various administrative tasks. With my co-trainers (our training program is FREE), we were able to help fuel our local economy with at least 2 million pesos monthly from our cumulative earnings from online work.

Owner & CEO | 2015 to Present

– Heads an SEO agency offering On Page SEO Optimization and WordPress Website Design

– Helped WordPress Websites Rank on Front Page of Google for Words That Can Be Monetized

Owner & CEO | 2017 to Present

– Heads a Virtual Assistant Agency whilst offering FREE Virtual Assistant Training Workshops Across Many Different Areas in the Philippines

Resource Speaker

DICT Rural Impact Sourcing (RIS) and Digital Jobs Ph Program

– I travel to different places to promote my digital advocacy and to promote freelancing career in the countryside.



WordPress Web Design

I provide basic WordPress web design to handpicked clients. This service is only available to local businesses. If you think we’ be a match, I invite you to book a call with me today.

FB Ads Management

Ask yourself this question: “Is my time better spent learning FB Ads, making tweaks and looking into my analytics? If you think you are better at running your own business, let’s talk.

On Page SEO

Being the owner of, you’d probably get the idea that On-page SEO is my forte. With this service, your website is set for high rankings.

Page Speed Optimization

I help WordPress website owners get at least 150% improvement of their website’s load time to give their audience a smooth browsing experience and prevent them from clicking away from the website.

LSI & Keyword Research

I help website owners decide which search terms should be targeted and which words and phrases should they use on their pages to make sure that Google notices them and rewards them with rankings.

SEO Consulting

I help business owners understand how search engines work, how can they find the right people to help them rank their website in no time and how can they make the most out of their investment.

My Porfolio


Who Is Glenn Mark Dizon


Let’s face it, web traffic is the life to every online-based business. But it doesn’t only mean just any traffic but targeted traffic. It means desirable visitors from search engines who are ready to take the next action that will bring the business to its desired goals.
Most of the time, the goals of my clients are not quantified in money. They can sometimes be to improve branding, improve the world, inspire people, fulfill a mission, etc. I always take note of each goal seriously because my SEO campaign strategy is greatly affected by these.

For my part, client’s success is always the main goal whenever I take projects. While each plan I take is different in every case, everything that I do in implementing my SEO plan has to be laser-focused to the client’s business goals.
I however understand each goal is a moving target. This is basically the reason why I am always on prowl so I would not miss a single opportunity. I always give every move a healthy dose of thought and reflection. I know mistakes can be costly and so each action I take has to have careful planning and execution.

I am also a maximizer. I always like to take good, challenging local SEO projects and go extra miles to maximize their success. Like most SEO experts, I measure success by the simple yardstick of my clients’ successes. Each time I make my clients see a strong vision of why they are doing their business in the very first place, I then jump right in to see if their goals are aligned with what’s being featured on their website. And if there’s any disconnect, I go my way to immediately bridge it.

The founder of the Facebook Group Search Engine Optimization Philippines (SEOPh)
SEOPh is now the home of over 5,000 young and promising Filipinos who wanted to take a leap in the field of Search Engine Optimization. I have always striven to keep myself constantly updated with the latest in the SEO industry to continue sharing the right insights to members of my group.
The group has become one of the most sought-after places for FREE SEO resources. It is always being frequented by Filipinos who are seeking to educate themselves on the current workings in the industry. It is in this place where I am trying to give back to make a difference in the world around me.

A Facebook ads expert who has extensive experience in targeting and ads management
A designer who offers basic WordPress web design that has all the SEO bells and whistles
An on-page SEO expert who has over 7 years of experience in ranking website to 1st page


Optimized Websites

Years of Service

Websites Developed



Where are you based?

I am based in the Philippines.

What's your zone of genius?

I help WordPress website owners land on front page of Google for keywords that they can monetize through my on-page SEO service.

Do you white label your services?

Yes. Many of my clients are web design and SEO agencies that are in the process of scaling their businesses to the next level.

Do you work alone?

I initially started as a one man agency but I have scaled last year and now work with a team in my local area.

How long do we see results?

While no SEO would legitimately guarantee rankings, I have however observed that many of my clients rank in just a few weeks time to 6 months.



Brett Thompson

“Glenn did an SEO audit for a couple of pages on our site. His work was detailed and offered helpful suggestions. I’m glad we hired him.”

David Fox

“Glenn helped understand everything I needed regarding FB marketing and setting up my SEO plugin. He fixed my issues perfectly and timely. His communication is very clear and this was a perfect working experience. I hope to work with him again.”

Matthew Hagebusch

“Glenn Mark is the only SEO expert I trust to optimize my business website. He knows a lot about WordPress and SEO in general. Communicates well.”



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