Glenn Mark Dizon, J.D., R.E.A.
Founder, Search Engine Optimization Philippines

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Services I Provide

On Page SEO

On-page SEO Services

Being the owner of, you’d probably get the idea that On-page SEO is my forte. With this service, your website is set for high rankings.

FB Ads Management

FB Ads Management

Ask yourself this question: “Is my time better spent learning FB Ads, making tweaks and looking into my analytics? If you think you are better at running your own business, let’s talk.

WordPress Web Design

WordPress Web Design

I provide basic WordPress web design to handpicked clients. This service is only available to local businesses. If you think we’ be a match, I invite you to book a call with me today.

FREE Website Audit

Do you own a local business website? Is it on WordPress platform? I can provide a FREE, no obligation website audit for you. This audit covers finding hard-to-detect errors you may have on your backend.

FREE SEO Resources

Are you a FILIPINO freelancer, blogger, entrepreneur or an aspiring SEO? I have founded an SEO Group on Facebook which has now become the home of over 5,000 young and promising Filipinos. Want to join?

A Few Bits About What I Do

Let’s face it, web traffic is the life to every online-based business. But it doesn’t only mean just any traffic but targeted traffic. It means desirable visitors from search engines who are ready to take the next action that will bring the business to its desired goals.

Most of the time, the goals of my clients are not quantified in money. They can sometimes be to improve branding, improve the world, inspire people, fulfill a mission, etc. I always take note of each goal seriously because my SEO campaign strategy is greatly affected by these.

For my part, client’s success is always the main goal whenever I take projects. While each plan I take is different in every case, everything that I do in implementing my SEO plan has to be laser-focused to the client’s business goals.

I however understand each goal is a moving target. This is basically the reason why I am always on prowl so I would not miss a single opportunity. I always give every move a healthy dose of thought and reflection. I know mistakes can be costly and so each action I take has to have careful planning and execution.

I am also a maximizer. I always like to take good, challenging local SEO projects and go extra miles to maximize their success. Like most SEO experts, I measure success by the simple yardstick of my clients’ successes. Each time I make my clients see a strong vision of why they are doing their business in the very first place, I then jump right in to see if their goals are aligned with what’s being featured on their website. And if there’s any disconnect, I go my way to immediately bridge it.


The founder of the Facebook Group Search Engine Optimization Philippines (SEOPh)

SEOPh is now the home of over 5,000 young and promising Filipinos who wanted to take a leap in the field of Search Engine Optimization. I have always striven to keep myself constantly updated with the latest in the SEO industry to continue sharing the right insights to members of my group.

The group has become one of the most sought-after places for FREE SEO resources. It is always being frequented by Filipinos who are seeking to educate themselves on the current workings in the industry. It is in this place where I am trying to give back to make a difference in the world around me.

A Facebook ads expert who has extensive experience in targeting and ads management

I started the website 6 years ago with the initial objective of giving tourists information about the island where I am currently at, how to get here, and how to get around. In 2015, I started the travel and tours business, Bucas Grande Island Travel and Tours, and has grown it extensively using Facebook Ads. It is here where I have developed the proficiency in audience targeting and Facebook ads management.

A designer who offers basic WordPress web design that has all the SEO bells and whistles

I have designed over a hundred websites thus far. I started designing my own network of websites until such time when majority of my regular clients asked if I can design for them websites that already carries with them all the SEO bells and whistles. From on project to another, I began fascinated with designing because I was able to apply my knowledge and experience in Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and was able to see what results this can bring. Up to this moment, I still accept basic web design projects for qualified clients.

An on-page SEO expert who has over 7 years of experience in ranking website to 1st page

On-page SEO is hands down my forte. While I started as on and off-page SEO, I have chosen to stick with the former. My core competencies are with writing relevant markups, meta data and solving technical and accessibility problems on the website level. I have found these very relevant to giving any website a pretty solid foundation. I am the owner of, a website dedicated exclusive to catering on-page SEO services.

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